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Time for the Apricot Madness roses to shine in the garden :)

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Location: Redang Mutiara


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location: Wisana

From Sunrise

location:from Redang Mutiara

From Sunrise

Saw this on the map at the Marine Park, Redang Island.

This has to be the most smelly and funkiest of location names: Tanjung Baru Berak: Loosely translated as "Cape of Just-taken-a-dump"

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out how the place got it’s name. The founders were ‘enlightened’ hahaha :)

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Couldn’t get closer to the brute … very fast/strong swimmer , darting about in spurts of intense speed

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'Mencerap' Milky Way at Redang Island

Wisana is just next to Redang Mutiara. which also has a private beach … opinion: the sand is much cleaner/whiter/talcum-like than Mutiara’s :)

note to self:

  • may-april: milky way in southern skies. Early dawn

'Budget' hotel … great for a quickie, in the ‘weekend excursion’ sense :)


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